This work was inspired from a trip to Canada’s National Parks in Banff and Jasper.   Almost like a moody teenager or child you never knew what you were going to get; a beautiful calm scene, raging waters, huge scary drop offs, surprising waterfalls, or a sighting of a grizzly or black bear.   The weather was hot and then cold, rainy and sunny all within a few minutes.  The majestic views of the mountains on Lake Louise, would alter within a few minutes when clouds moved in, changing the shapes, light and reflections, and making a whole new scene to take in.  The water of the lakes was an astonishing clear turquoise but could change to all shades of green, blue, beige if the wind and waves picked up.   The iconic Spirit Island had an eerie energy all in its own.   It was peaceful and mesmerizing, but distant and lonely, and quintessentially Canadian.  The whole area felt moody to me.